Dino Hunt


An Internet Detective Hunt On Dinosaurs

created by Suzanne Gaddis

Clear Fork Elementary, Lockhart, TX


Congratulations, Detective Dan and Detective Daniella you have been hired as the detectives on the case known as the "Dino Hunt". Your assignment is to track down information about a specific dinosaur and report your findings to your client. (Your client is also known as your teacher.)

Tracking Down The Information

You are a new detective and you may be wondering how to get started on your assignment. Well, to get tracking do the following:

Print out the questions below by copying & pasting into Word or copy down on paper.

Scroll down to the Internet Resources section and click on the link.

Pick a dinosaur to track.

Answer the questions.


What did your dinosaur eat?

Did your animal walk on two legs or four legs?

What size is your dinosaur?

Does your dinosaur move slowly or is it fast?

Does your dinosaur have any unusual features like horns or plates?

Internet Resources

Zoom Dinosaurs

(Students--once you arrive at the Zoom Dinosaur site then scroll down and click on "Dinosaur Dictionary" which is located in the middle of your screen. Click on the letter for the dinosaur that you are tracking. For example, click on "T" if you want the T-Rex. Now, answer the questions on your paper.)

Solving The Case

Turn in the questions you answered to your client\teacher. Detective Dan and Detective Daniella you did an excellent job solving the case of the "Dino Hunt"--way to go!

Last updated April 21, 2010