Career Exploration

Career Profiles

This site offers information about the top careers for the year, resume tips, education requirements, salaries, benefits and much more

Community Club

Scholastic presents community members who help in your town. Click here to meet a librarian, utility worker, veterinarian and many others.

Community Helper and Careers Coloring Pages

Find coloring pages for all kinds of people in your community

Community Helpers at Enchanted Learning

Print community books, coloring pages, and worksheets or create your own town.

Only A Teacher

Learn about the history of teaching, schoolhouse pioneers, and real-life educators on this PBS site.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Type in your job and get a detailed description with nature of work, qualifications, salary range, and more.

Test of Courage

Take an inside peek into the lives of firefighters and follow men and women on their quests to fight flames. If you think you could be a firefighter read about the tests you'd have to go through before joining the ranks.