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Room: #526        

Shop: #525 

Phone: 512-398-0402

My name is Luis Amaya, I was born and raised in Utopia, Texas which is in the hill country. I moved to Lockhart in 1968 and attended Lockhart High School, and graduated from Lockhart High. I got drafted into the military for two years and did one tour in Vietnam in the 101st Airborne Division in northern Vietnam. After that I attended ACC and transferred to Texas State to complete my vocational teaching degree to teach Auto Tech or Building Trades.

In 1991 I started as a custodian and worked myself up to an auto tech aid for five years, I was inspired by Charlie Red high school principle and Janie Wright to pursue my teaching certification and then became Auto Tech teacher.

I have been working for the district twenty-six years, I enjoy my job, I have seen the successes of the students, as of right now I have three students that are employed by Holt-Cat in Austin.
I look forward to meeting some of my students parents, which I am already aquainted with some and thank God for the privilege of serving your children and the community.

I am looking forward to another successful year.



I.      A. Course Title: Principles, Advance Auto Tech,  Auto Tech I, Practum

      B. Location of classroom: 526

      C. Supplies needed: Prin. to Trans., composition notebook (spiral), writing pen

      Auto Tech I, Advanced Auto Tech, work coveralls, work shoes


II. Instructor Information

       A. Luis Amaya
            Assistant: John Carrisalez

       B. 512-398-0402


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Call Deb Hilton, 398-0300, to receive a Username and Password if you do not have one.


III. Texts, Books, Readings, Materials

         A. Automotive Excellence, Glencoe/McGraw/Hill, Volumes I and II

         B. Automotive magazines: Hot Rod, Trucks, Classic Trucks, etc.


TEKS Ojectives: 130.397  1B, 1C, 1G, 4A, 7H,  Automotive I. Course Information

          (1)(C) identify employers' expectations and appropriate work habits;                                                      

          (1)(G) prepare resume';

          (4)(B) discuss the proper handling and disposal of environmentally hazardous materials used

                   in servicing vehicles;

          (4)(C) discuss new and emerging automotive technologies;     


IV. Course Description and Objectives

         A. Principles to Trans. uses the textbook for the requirement to get students familiar with the  different parts on the automobile or truck.

            Advanced Auto Tech is the students that have had two or more years in the auto shop.

             Auto Tech I is a course that has hands-on training and a real world experience for the students to use real mechanic shop tools and equipment.

         B. This course is being taught to familiarize the students in the different areas of the automotive field, such as engine performance, brakes, electrical and the other areas in this field.

         C. The student will understand the requirements in the real shop, such as being on time for their assignment and consequences if they fail to follow the regulations and rules.

             The student will develop a sense of responsibility for the equipment and tools to be used in the shop, and safety habits around the automotive shop areas. Students will learn that the automotive technician is a very important part of the future for our society and community.

         D. Services

             (a) General requirements. Automotive services include knowledge of the function of the major automotive systems and the principles of diagnosing and servicing these systems. The courses in this category may be offered in Grades 9-12.

             (b) Introduction. Rapid advances in technology have  have created new career opportunities and demands in trades and industries. Trade and industrial education provides the knowledge, skills, and technologies required for employment in transportation systems.

             (c) Knowledge and skills. The student knows the employability characteristics of successful worker in the modern workplace.


V. Calendar of Assignments and Due Date

       1) First Day of school, Aug. 16, 2017

           (a) Introduction of students and teachers

           (b) Fill out questionaires about students

       2) Second Day-students are assigned books, etc.

           (a) Introduction to Transportation class are assigned textbooks

           (b) Shop students are introduced to the shop area, tools, etc.

       3) Third Day- all classes are reviewed and/or introduced to shop safety

            (a) Required safety training for all classes

        4) Forth Day-all classes are reviewed in the shop safety program

             (a) Questions are asked about waste materials, cleanup procedures, etc.

        5) Day Five-there are reviews and a quiz given to assure the safety practices are understood and are to be

            followed daily.

  VI. Principles and Auto Tech I, Advanced Auto Tech, Practum

        1) Principles of Transportation most assignments are from the Automotive Excellence textbook, basic training.

             (a) Week two will start with Chapter 1 the Automobile past and   present.

             (b) Week three will be the Safety Procedures for the shop.

             (c) Week four will be the Chapter on Tools and Equipment

        2) Auto Tech I, II and Advanced is mostly hands-on work

             (a) Week one will be Safety in the Shop (video) and quiz

             (b) Week two will be Hazardous Materials (video) and quiz

             (c) Week three will be How to Handle and Dispose of Hazardous Materials (video) and quiz

             *All shop students are required to make a 100% on all safety quizzes to be permitted to work in the shop for safety purposes. Safety is of the utmost importance for our students.

             *Safety glasses are issued to each student to be used in the shop area at all times which is one of the requirements to be in the shop, for student safety and protection.
         3) Advance Auto Tech is the class that has two or more years in the auto shop and are students that like to take the work to the extreme and go beyond what others really would only talk about. These students like challenges that will make their minds work.
         4) All auto tech students will be having hands-on experience actually working on a real auto or truck with lectures and first hand supervision from the instructors. They will also experience the feeling of accomplishing a job on an automobile and seeing it leave the shop running.
             We allow speakers to come in from time to time to introduce their technical schools and give students something to look forward to for their future. These technical schools are well known and have been coming to the Lockhart area for many years and some are very close for students and
parents to visit the campuses. The representatives from these technical schools are always present during career days at the high school to answer any questions that parents or students need answers to.  




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