Who is Madrigal and other Important stuff

Room 815

Phone # 512-398-0382 
Email: ernesto.madrigal@lockhart.txed.net

My name is Ernesto Madrigal III
    I graduated from Lockhart High School in 2005 with a degree in History and a minor in geography and I have been teaching at LHS for 5 years. When I chose to return to Lockhart and begin teaching it was with a desire to make a school that I always felt was good but underappreciated great. Since I have been teaching at Lockhart I have taught World History, US History, EOC US HIstory and AP US History and in every course I have tried to create a atmosphere of excellence. As an AP teacher my goal has always been not to just help my students receive college credit by passing the AP exam but to prepare them for the rigor and challenges that they will face in a college class room and giving them the skills and abilities required to excel in those circumstances. As a Lockhart High School graduate and a member of the community I wont our students to realize the greatness that they have and that no matter what town they are from or what school they attend they can achieve greatness. 


AP US History Test May 11th 
STAAR US History May  10th

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