Welcome to Physical Education 2016-2017

Dear Parents and Students,
         I would like to be the first one to welcome you to the new school year here at Clear Fork Elementary School! This will be an exciting year. It will be a year filled with new games and activities for the students. Your child will benefit from my class in many different ways such as having better confidence when trying new games, staying active during class, and giving your child the opportunity to learn. At the end of each day, I hope that your child will tell you how amazing our P.E. class is. I have listed my goals in order to teach your child this year.
                                  The goals for my students in P.E. are:
         - To maintain fun while increasing the students' level of physical fitness.
         - To develop positive student interactions through physical activity.
         - To help every student become aware of their capabilities while participating in activities.
        - To show the importance of self-satisfaction of giving one's best effort, despite winning   
        or losing.

Please keep track with my blog as I will update throughout the year. I will also list links with great websites regarding fitness and health. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please do not hesitate to contact me at autumn.felps@lockhart.txed.net or call 512.398.0505 . This is going to be an exciting year!!!

Fun and games,

Autumn Felps

  Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Clear Fork P.E. program to provide a variety of appropriate activities through instruction that will allow the student to gain cognitive learning, physical skills, and personal or social skills that will provide them to be physically active across their lifespan. 

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