Pūʻōhala Elementary Links

    Curious George
    Google Classroom
Reading Links
    Tumble Book Library
    Starfall (Beginning Readers)
ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi
    ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi (Digital Dialect) 
       ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi (MAL)
 Math Links
      Aplus Math
      Fun 4 the Brain
      Greg Tang Math
      Math Quizes
      Number Bonds Machine
      Sheppard Software
      Shodor Math
     Soft Schools Math 
     Math Games (Common Core)  
    MathPlayground(Teach Me)

Papa Māla aʻo/ Kindergarten                             Papa ʻEkahi/ Grade 1
    Hoʻomaʻamaʻa ʻIole / Mouse Practice
    Pāʻani ʻIole/ Mouse Games
    ABCya Kindergarten
    10 Frames
    Make 10
    Hoʻohui Puzzle/ Addition Puzzle
    Adding Pictures/ Hoʻohui Kiʻi
    Adding/ Hoʻohui
    Color Add/ Kala Ho'ohui

     Pāʻani ʻIole/ Mouse Games
     Measurement Activities
     ABCya Grade 1
         •Word Problems
     Fraction Flags 1/2
     Half/ not Half
     Learn Fractions
     Hoʻohui Kala/ Addition Coloring
     Hoʻohui Puzzle/ Addition Puzzle
     Hoʻolawe Puzzle/ Subtraction Puzzle
Missing Addends
     Feed Fribbit
    B-1 Code.org
    C-4 Code.org

Papa ʻElua/ Grade 2                                                       Papa ʻEkolu/ Grade 3
    Place Value
    Ducks Place Value
    Ho'ohui/ Ho'olawe Kiʻi/ Add/ Subtract Re-grouping
    Ho'ohui/ Ho'olawe/ Add/ Subtract PenekalaRe-grouping
    Drag and Drop Add
    ABCya Grade 2
    3 Addends Game

    C2 Code.org
    C3 Code.org
    C4 Papa2/3 Code.org

    Reflex Math
    Earth Rotation/ Revolution    
    Moon and Tides
    Earth Sun Moon Interactive

    Minerals Video 
    Rocks vs. Minerals  
    Rocks Video
    Rock Cycle
    Exit Poll

    States of Matter (Video)
    Matter Activity 1
    Ka Hōʻike Kaiapuni
    A-Z Animals (Classification)

    ABCya Grade 3

    Animal Habitats 1
    Animal Habitats 2

    B3 Code.org

    C4 Papa2/3 Code.org

    Divison Puzzle Pics
    Multiplication Puzzle Pics

Papa ʻEhā/ Grade 4                                          Papa ʻElima/ Grade 5

     Ka Hōʻike Kaiapuni

     Tripletts Equalvalent Fractions

    Equalvalent Fractions Math   Playground

    ABCya Grade 4

    Area Perimeter 1

    Area Perimeter 2

    Measurement Activities

    Measuring Angles (1)

    Measuring Angles (2)

    What are Food Chains?

    Shepard Software Science

    Papa 4 Code.org

    A7 Code.org

   Miss Peters' Site Homework Grades 5


    Model Drawing/Thinking Blocks  

    ABCya Grade 5

    Papa 5 Code.org

    A8 Code.org
     SQS Survey 

Papa ʻEono/ Grade 6                                    Pre-School   

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