"Let's all work together and make
something awesome!" 

I'm Mrs. Peters and I'm very happy to be your child's Transitional Kindergarten Teacher. 

We are a community of learners who are engaged in meaningful educational experiences.  

My goal is to provide an environment with respect and developmentally appropriate practices as its centerpiece; a place where children are provided with a variety of opportunities to experience success and see themselves as the learners that they are.   

In our classroom, feelings are very important and honored.  Children are encouraged to solve problems with each other by talking respectfully and sharing their feelings. This atmosphere helps to build a safe place where children can continue to develop positive social skills as they grow emotionally.  

Promoting independence is another key element of our classroom and has benefits for your child both in and out of the school setting.  

Being a learner is an exciting journey and one that we hope our children will be on all of their lives.  Thank you for allowing me to share in this journey with your precious children.