Greetings for the 2017-2018 School Year!!

I'm so excited to be your child's teacher for 3rd grade. We are in Room 18 and we will line up on the ramp each morning. Backpack hooks are outside the room, unassigned.

I will be sending home several letters starting next week. They will be in your child's Shark Folder, and will be explaining our classroom procedures, incentives, Accelerated Reader, and new math program details.

The Basics !

My name is Mrs. Heather Harvey. My family lives in Pismo Beach.  I have 2 children that attend our fabulous school.  I have taught for 15 years, the last 4 of which have been at Shell Beach Elementary.  I love our school, our kids, and my wonderful teacher colleagues.

My Teaching Philosophy !

  • Consistency

  • Fairness

  • Motivation

  • High expectations

  • Treating each student as an individual

Our Class Wish List !

  • Baby wipes

  • Astro brights copy paper

  • Wide ruled lined binder paper

Class Supplies !

I will provide each learner with pencils, paper, crayons, colored pencils, whiteboards, whiteboard markers, glue, scissors, erasers, composition books, and notebooks for our class subject journals.  Our desks are very small, so the only item students may bring is a standard pencil box and any favorites that might fit inside, such as a highlighter or favorite pens. Per school policy, no toys. Thanks for your understanding!

Contact Me !

I prefer email or messaging on Class Dojo instead of phone calls or voice messages.  I will return your email within 24 hours.  You can also reach me by sending a note in the Shark Folder and I will respond that day with a written note home.

Email:  heather.harvey@lmusd.org or message feature through Class Dojo

School phone number: 805 474 3760


3rd Grade Weekly Homework Name:______________________Book, Reading, Blue, Smile, ...

Week of:10/23-10/27            *This page will be collected and checked every Friday!


  • Nightly reading

Guardian Signature:  


*Graded tests coming home:  Spelling; Vocabulary; Reading Comprehension; Math.  AR point goal  progress attached.  Please review with your child.  

Weekly Skills Focus:  Reading and Language Arts


Singular Possessive Nouns:  Dan’s shoe; cat’s toy

Plural possessive nouns:

dogs’ bowls; students’ classroom

Comprehension Skills

Author’s Point of View:  Persuade, Inform, Entertain

Genre:  Poetry’

Review: Similes


  • Nightly reading

Guardian Signature:  

Weekly Skills Focus:  Math

Review Multiplication 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s

Addition and Subtraction to 100


  • Nightly reading

Guardian Signature:

  • Parent note of consent for class list email due. If you did not return a green slip you will not be included in room parent communication for parties, special events, etc.  Thank you!


  • Nightly reading

Guardian Signature:

Expected Nightly Reading Minutes:

Pink/Blue/Green Dot:  15 min          Red/Yellow/Orange Dot: 20 min        Light Blue/Neon Orange & Green/Black Dot: 30 min


Your child has a list at school and a list for home in Monday’s folder.

Vocabulary (only 4)

bounce            imagine

observer         inventor

  • ... proboscis shield reminderAR POINT GOAL due date is November 6th.

  • 3rd grade Comprehension skills practice can be done free online at: http://worksheetsplus.com/Reading/more3rdGrReadingQuiz.html

  • Red Ribbon Week: Mon:  wear red  Tues: Hippie day  Wed: wear neon  Thurs: team sports  Fri: Shark spirit day

  • Don’t forget that XTRA MATH, CLEVER (Typing Club) is an optional and RECOMMENDED practice at home for free through your child’s Shell Beach Elementary login card provided. Please ask if you need a new login card!