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Minimum Day -December 22nd
Winter Break- December 25th-January 15th

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How can I support my child in math?


1.      Read the Family Letters- Each unit will have at least one family letter which explains the Mathematics in the unit. Please read these letters so that you have a clear picture of the math that your child is exploring in class.

2.      Try the Related Activities- Each unit will have at least one family letter which suggests activities for you and your child to try at home that relate to and support the math that your child is exploring in class.

3.      Utilize the Math Words and IdeasAt the bottom of nearly every homework and daily practice page, there is a note which indicates the purpose of the assignment and provides a title for a Math Words and Ideas (MWI) that is designed to support your child with the concept he/she is exploring.

MWI Website: English- goo.gl/QCvLAA  Spanish- goo.gl/EQiF7d

Video explaining how to use Math Words and Ideas:

English- https://youtu.be/JPfEk4AJSCg  Spanish- https://youtu.be/bYop96XE-0A

Some supplies we always need in our room:
- Expo Markers
-Clorox Wipes
-Xerox Paper- Colored or White
-Prizes for our ticket drawings- Dollar Tree, 99 Cent Store, Walmart, Target

Some supplies your child may need for class:
-Folder or Binder
-Expo Markers
_Bottle of Water 
-Snack for Morning

Your child will bring home Scholastic Book Orders every month.

If you would like to order online, our code is:


The website is www.scholastic.com/bookclubs.  It is also located on the Book Order.

December Book Orders are due December 11th.

 If you would like to order books for presents, please email me and I will place the order for you or you can place the order online and then I will send the books to the office when they come in.  The students will never know J .  I will contact you that the order is in.                           

Please feel free to contact me at 805-474-3460 or cynthia.boatenhamer@lmusd.org