Welcome to Room 40 

Reading- Unit 2 Week 4

    Weekly Concept- Adaptations

   Wonders Reading Writing Workshop:

       Big Idea: What can animals teach us?

       Genre: Expository Text

       Selection: Animal Adaptations

       Essential Question- What helps an animal survive?

        Comprehension Strategy: Summarize

        Comprehension Skill: Main Idea and Key Details

    Wonders Literature Anthology:




  • r controlled vowels


  •  Possessive nouns


  •  prey, predator, camouflaged, dribbles, pounce, poisonous, extraordinary, vibrations

Vocabulary strategies

  • Prefixes

Math Focus Points Unit 2 Review

Math Vocabulary

  • Multiplication, array, dimensions, product, factor, prime, composite, square, multiple, prime, composite, square, product, regrouping, expanded form, standard form

Social Science

  • Native Americans: Native American Slides Research and Presentation, Native American Brochure

Core Literature

  • Island of the Blue Dolphins


  • Mystery Science

Writing- Native Americans Google Slides and Brochure

 *Students are not to bring Sharpie pens or other permanent markers to school. Some of these pens are dangerous as they contain chemical solvents classified as dangerous inhalants. Teachers may provide them to students only for supervised classroom use.

Mr. Scuri