Welcome to Room 11 

Week of December 10


    Weekly Concept- Helping the Community

   Wonders Reading Writing Workshop:

       Big Idea: How can you show your community spirit?

       Genre: Biography

       Selection: Judy's Appalachia

       Essential Question- How can one person make a difference?

        Comprehension Strategy- Reread

        Comprehension Skill: Author's Point of View


    Wonders Literature Anthology:

        Selection: Keeping Freedom in the Family



  • soft c and g


  • main and helping verbs


  • boycott, encouragement. fulfill, injustice, mistreated, protest, qualified, registered

Vocabulary strategies

  • synonyms and antonyms

Math Focus Points Unit 4 3.1-4.1

  • Identifying and creating 90 degree angles
  • Using known angles to build and find the measure of other angles
  • Drawing angles of specific measures
  • Understanding the relationship between the degree measure of an angle and rotation in a circular arc
  • Measuring angles using a protractor
  • Making designs with mirror symmetry
  • Determining lines of symmetry in a two dimensional figure
  • Finding the area of symmetrical shapes

Math Vocabulary

  • degree
  • protractor
  • mirror symmetry
  • line symmetry
  • line of symmetry

Social Science

  • California History- Missions

Core Literature

  • Island of the Blue Dolphins


  • Adaptations


Opinion - circle map, tree map, flee map

 *Students are not to bring Sharpie pens or other permanent markers to school. Some of these pens are dangerous as they contain chemical solvents classified as dangerous inhalants. Teachers may provide them to students only for supervised classroom use.

Mr. Scuri