Science Links

ScaleofUniverse  Shows you how small and large things really are in the Universe  The site for The National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Has excellent Astronomy info.  An excellent source for science news and current event articles.

The Science Spot: Kids Zone  A site which lists many great science links.

Great Websites for Kids: Science  Another site which has many excellent science links.

KidSites Science  Yet one more website which catalogs a bunch of great science websites  Many of the Bill Nye videos I show in class are on YouTube now.  All you need to know is the title.  My absolute favorite Periodic Table website.  I bought his excellent book on

Amateur Science Hovercraft Plans  This is site which has the free plans to build the Hovercraft I bring to school during my Physics Unit.  It costs about $100.00 to build.  Astronomy for kids, what more can I say.

Physics4Kids  A good site which has a lot of physics info.  Check out the "motion" section.

Chem4Kids  Chemistry info for kids.

Science for Teens  A sub page of which has some quality science links.  Focus on the "Chemistry", "Physics", and "Space" sections.

PHET Simulations  Lots of cool science simulations including "Build An Atom" and "Projectile motion"