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From Mr. Easland
 Fourth Grade is a wonderful grade and is the beginning of deeper learning. I am looking forward to helping your student learn as much as they can in the distance learning environment. 

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August 14, 2020

Dear 4th Grade Families, 

Welcome back to school at Harloe Elementary!  We would like to take this opportunity to tell you that we are delighted to have your child in our class this year.  We look forward to a very rewarding and exciting year.  It will be a different start as we all try out distance learning, but we are excited and honored to be your child’s teacher.

CLASSROOM SCHEDULE:   We will begin each day at 9:00AM online Monday through Friday.  We will take attendance each morning and go over the expectations and agenda for the day.  

Monday-Thursday Schedule

9:00-9:20 Whole Class Meeting

9:20-9:50 Writing 

9:50-10:15 Reading 

10:30-10:50 Recess

10:50-11:20 Math Instruction

11:20- 11:45 Math Practice 

11:45-1220 Catch up/Small Groups 

12:20-1:00 Lunch

1:00-1:30 Reflex, Dreambox, Small Groups 

1:40-2:20 SS/ Science/ Reading Intervention and Support Groups 

2:30-3:30 Office Hours for parents (Time subject to change based on need).

**PE- Every Tuesday from 11:30-12:20

COMMUNICATION: We will use the Parent Square app as a communication tool.  Parents can also use it to communicate with us! We are also available by our email too. 


  • Chromebooks are charged and ready to go for each new day.

  • Students are dressed, fed, and ready before each class meeting

    • Students dressed in pajamas and lying on their bed or finishing breakfast are not ready

  • Students should have a work space where they can be away from distractions and are able to concentrate

  • Materials should be kept in the box provided from school or in a specific spot so they are always accessible for lessons

  • Students should follow the daily schedule to do their best work and stay on task

SUPPLIES- Students can find all learning materials in the box provided.  We will schedule alternate drop off and pick ups throughout the distance learning period for additional supplies. 

We are excited to be your child’s teacher and know that this will be a great year!


4th Grade Team: Heather Inglehart, Katherine Merrill, James Scuri, Kenn Easland

Letter to Parents From Mr. Easland



  I am delighted to be your child’s teacher. I am dedicated to making this school year a positive and productive experience for your child. During the year, I will be communicating with you with notes, phone calls, emails, and handouts. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. 

My Mission Statement as an Educator and Teacher

By Mr. Kenn Easland


  I teach so children will be successful. I believe children are naturally curious and that they want to learn. I motivate learning through positive methods and reward on-task skills. I want students in my classroom to feel safe, invited, supported, and able to take risks without fear of ridicule. I appreciate humor, I promote self-confidence, role model kindness, and give second chances when they are needed. Of course, I have high expectations and expect the best. When that doesn’t happen, I evaluate the lesson, the child, the setting, and the work. I provide opportunity for review and redos. I never forget that school is only part of a child’s life: There are many things outside of school that effect children. Additionally, I believe parents and teachers should work together to educate students. I believe students get what they need, not what they want. I believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and you catch more bees with honey than vinegar.

All Set? You Bet!

  Ok, that’s it for now. With your help, I will give your child the opportunity to reach for knowledge, be happy learning, and be successful!  


K. Easland

    My Email is: kenneth.easland@lmusds.org


Here I am with my family!     

My wife's name is Nancy and she is a teacher too!  My daughter's names are Emily and Keira. Keira is the youngest!   (PS  I'm not sure who the guy in the background is. )

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