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Letter to Parents From Mr. Easland



  I am delighted to be your child’s teacher. I am dedicated to making this school year a positive and productive experience for your child. During the year, I will be communicating with you about school events and behavior issues with notes, emails, and handouts. Remember, I have an open door policy and invite you into the class to help the students or communicate with me personally. (Side Note: Use the buttons on the left of this page for some specific information.)


Handouts, Backpacks, and Work Sent Home:

  Parents, please check your child's backpack ONCE a week (at least) for classwork they did and school notices. (Friday would be good). As a dad, I know that children get so busy, and “forget” to give you the handouts and work sent home but you need to see what is happening at school. Some of the work I will send home will be tests and others will be classwork, art work, etc. Take out the school notices, any handouts, and work and review it with your child. Feel free to review any concepts missed.



  There will always be homework*. Homework is written in the student planners and posted on-line. Also, have the kids show you their work…don’t just ask them if they did it!     Please set up an area for them to do their homework free of TV and distractions!!!!

*Homework will not be given when it seems reasonable to do so.



  There is a Material's List but basically make sure your student has all the basic school equipment throughout the year so they are ready for success! That includes: pencils, glue, ruler, scissors, colored markers, yellow post-its, etc.  

Themes and 6th grade ideas:

Writing will be a big part of my class and students will be learning much about how to be better writers.  Math is also important and I strive to help the kids understand math concepts and work hard to break it down for them-This year, the students will be rotating to Mrs. Davis class for math lessons!  Sixth grade is all about world geography: In social studies, we will be learning about ancient civilizations (Egypt, China, and South America for example). Spelling will again be important this year: I will give much time in school to learn about the words and how to spell them, but some students will need to study their spelling words at home-Tests will be on Thursdays. Kids should be reading every night and filling out a reading log: They should be reading for at least 30 min. every school night. That's it for now! More to come on future lessons later!

My Mission Statement as an Educator and Teacher

By Mr. Kenn Easland


  I teach so children will be successful. I believe children are naturally curious and that they actually want to learn. I motivate learning through positive methods and reward on-task skills. I want students in my classroom to feel safe, invited, supported, and able to take risks without fear of ridicule. I appreciate humor, I promote self-confidence, role model kindness, and give second chances when they are needed. Of course, I have high expectations and expect the best. When that doesn’t happen, I evaluate the lesson, the child, the setting, and the work. I provide opportunity for review and redos. I never forget that school is only part of a child’s life: There are many things outside of school that effect children. Additionally, I believe parents and teachers should work together to educate students. I believe students get what they need, not what they want. I believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and you catch more bees with honey than vinegar.

All Set? You Bet!

  Ok, that’s it for now. With your help, I will give your child the opportunity to reach for knowledge, be happy learning, and be successful!  


K. Easland

    My Email is: kenneth.easland@lmusds.org


Here I am with my family!     My wife's name is Nancy and she is 

a teacher too!    My daughter's names are Emily and Keira. Keira is the youngest! (PS I'm not sure who the photo-bomb guy is in the background)

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