Welcome to Fourth Grade!

I am excited for this school year and to go through it with you all! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at hannah.dang@lmusd.org.

    Minimum Day - Friday 12/22   -  Winter Break 12/25 - 1/15 (return on Tuesday 1/16)

    Things to Know:

    • A fun opportunity for your family, there is a program that offers free admission for 4th graders plus 3 adults through August 2018 to the national parks! For the passes and more information check out https://www.everykidinapark.gov/
    • Scholastic book orders will be sent home monthly. If you are going to order online (www.scholastic.com/bookclubs), please use our class code: RC9L9
    • Your child has been assigned a new book report that is due Wednesday, January 17th. The assignment is a presentation of a picture book. Your child needs to choose a picture book and practice reading it out loud as well as presenting it to the class. They will only read for 1-2 minutes and then will have the opportunity to read the entire story to some of the lower grade classes.
    • Khan Academy is an awesome resource to support and deepen your child's understanding and practice with subjects, specifically for math. You can log on through the Clever link (see "Useful Links"). The login is your child's google login.
    • I have created some study sets on Quizlet of the vocabulary words each week. This is a good resource to study and practice the terms online. Search mrs_dang on quizlet and explore the ways to study! https://quizlet.com/mrs_dang 
    • If you have not yet, please login to our class on the Remind app! This is a way for us to keep in contact as well as for me to send reminders home. The code to join is @mrsdang4

    Students Are Investigating Math
    Math instruction is looking a little different across our district's elementary schools this year. We have adopted Investigations which is a constructivist approach to learning mathematical principles. What does this mean? It means that students are encouraged to develop their understanding of math through constructed learning rather than just rote memorization of facts and formulas. Students are given the opportunity to discuss math in ways they haven't been in the past. Lessons build on
    one another and cycle back to skills developed throughout the year.

    If you are interested in what you can do to help your child develop a mathematical mindset, check out the video below developed by Stanford Professor Jo Boaler.

    At the bottom of nearly every homework and daily practice page, there is a note which indicates the purpose of the assignment and provides a title for a Math Words and Ideas (MWI) that is designed to support your child with the concept he/she is exploring.

    Math Words and Ideas Website:

    English- goo.gl/QCvLAA  Spanish- goo.gl/EQiF7d

    Video explaining how to use Math Words and Ideas:

    English- https://youtu.be/JPfEk4AJSCg  Spanish- https://youtu.be/bYop96XE-0A