Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Upcoming Dates:

5/20 - Book Fair

5/22 - Field Trip to La Purisima Mission

5/27 - No School (Memorial Day)

5/29 - Elephant Seals Field Trip

5/30 - Open House from 6-7pm

5/3-5 - Directive Speeches Due

5/6 - Shark Olympics

5/7 - Last Day of School ( 1/2 Day)

Students chose a date to present their Directive Speech. They will be expected to present on the day they signed up for. Here are the dates the students chose:

Monday, June 3rd: Bodie, Jace, Mariposa, Gavin, Makenzie, Finn, Laila, Joah, Daisy

Tuesday, June 4th: Riley, Shelby,

Hello! I am Ms. Peters, I will be taking over for Mrs. Dang after spring break. I have been next door in 5th grade since October and am excited to finish out the year with your child! My email is jenna.peters@lmusd.org , please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

  • Scholastic book orders can be sent back or placed online using our class code RC9L9 through scholastic.com/bookclubs
  • Fourth graders have the opportunity to visit the national parks for free! Check the website out for more information: https://everykidinapark.gov/

Looking for support for your child in math?

Here are a few resources that you may find helpful.

1. Flashcards from Investigations with space provided for a "clue" or "start with" section so that students can write a hint to help them develop a strategy for becoming fluent with the facts they are working on. (see below)

- For example, if a student is struggling with 7 x 8, a hint could be "Start with 7 x 4" so that they can double a fact they know to find the product of a fact they're working on.

2. Fact Strategy Posters to help solidify conceptual strategies for developing computational fluency. (see below)

3. Number Rack Google Add-on. The number rack is a great tool to visually demonstrate combinations, especially addition and multiplication. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/number-rack-by-the-math-l/pdblapgbfbphhldogcijidlkbcgokfkc?hl=en

Multiplication Cards.pdf
Multiplication Facts Posters (1).pdf
Division Cards.pdf
Division Facts Posters.pdf

Flip through the slideshow for resources through the Investigations Curriculum.

Copy of Back to School Night Slide Show- 4

Link to Math Words & Ideas (MWI)

Videos on how to use Math Words & Ideas:

In English & Spanish

Copy of Parent Handout- Back to School