Technology Education at Murray Avenue School

Instructor: Mr. Stephen Kelly         

To My Students:
In my role as your technology education teacher, I believe that it's important for you to use digital environments to communicate and work collaboratively to support both your individual learning, and to contribute to the learning of others.

To that end, I use Google Classroom with all of my classes as a safe, secure, & social learning management system for school. 

It's there that we interact, collaborate, publish with our peers, and contribute to project teams that produce original work and solve relevant, real-world problems.

To the Parents & Guardians of my Students:
Google Classroom integrates well with Google Drive, and makes collaborating and working together extremely easy. New features are being added all the time. 

The Big Picture...
One of the key resources used to plan units and lessons are the Standards produced by the International Society of Technology Educators (ISTE). These standards "...describe the skills and knowledge [students] need to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly global and digital society." It's a field that's as ambitious as it is relevant! 

I've included a link and a note about them here to illuminate the 'Big Ideas' behind the projects we do in the Computers, Tech Ed, and Computer Science courses here at Murray Avenue!