We hope you will find the Learning Designer to be useful for planning and thinking about your learning design and teaching practice. The Learning Designer is a prototype software system developed as part of a research project in Technology Enhanced Learning. As such, we do not have a support team, as with commercial software.


We will post answers to frequently answered questions as they are received from the community. If you have a question to pose, direct it to: help [at]


The Learning Designer contains an Import/Export feature to allow you to share designs with colleagues and to bring designs in to other systems such as Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and learning planners. We are currently investigating basic interoperability with the Learning Activity Management System (LAMS) and Moodle. In the long term, Sharable Content Object Reference Mode (SCORM) compliance is likely to be a necessary component of the system. This work is ongoing and has not yet been completed, but we are making progress identifying the elements of learning designs which are common among these systems.

This involves a technical process of identifying mappings among the XML schemas that charaterise the data structures in these systems. If you are interested in the technical details, we have published an initial mapping between learning activities in the Learning Designer, LAMS, and Moodle. This will lead to an XML schema mapping as we continue with development of interoperability.