Project Publications

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Project Presentations

Ljubojevic, D. (2011). Pedagogical Pattern Collector software tool. Presentation at Art and Science of Learning Design conference, London Knowledge Lab, London.

Ljubojevic, D. (2011). The Learning Designer. Presentation at the Research in Distance Education Conference, University of London.

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Ljubojevic, D., Craft, B., and Laurillard, D. (2011). Supporting Innovative Teaching and Responding to Change with an Intelligent Collaborative Design Environment. Paper presented at the Connecting Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning to Policy and Practice: CSCL2011 Conference, Hong Kong.

Ljubojevic, D., and Laurillard, D. (2011). Enabling reuse - Theoretical approach to identifying and operationalising the reusable unit of teaching practice. Paper presented at the CAL, Manchester.

Ljubojevic, D (2010). Can Teaching Practice be reused across subject and institutional boundaries? Yes it can! Elluminate (webinar) presentation at JISC Online Conference 2010. 

Ljubojevic, D. and Laurillard, D. (2010). A theoretical approach to distillation of pedagogical patterns from practice to enable transfer and reuse of good teaching. Proceedings of the 2010 European LAMS & Learning Design Conference

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Other Relevant Publications by LDSE Team Members 

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