The LDSE project shares a cross-disciplinary staff from a range of leading research institutions across the UK.

(London Knowledge Lab)

Diana Laurillard

Principal Investigator

Research interests: Theory-based design of learning and teaching methods and resources; students' conceptions and misconceptions; students' approaches to learning; flexible learning activity design tools for teachers.

Diana is the project leader of LDSE. She designs the basic functionality and pedagogical input of LDSE.


Research Officer

Research interests: ways of modelling what goes on inside a canonical tutorial for the purpose of designing the software agents to provide computer-based tutorial-like support to learners.

Dejan works with links to supporting resources, learning patterns, case studies, learning design tools, in CETL-RLO and other JISC/HEA sites and developed learning design on the GLO tool.

Brock Craft
Research Officer

Research interests: Theory of and design of abstract visual representations, data visualisation, human-computer interaction, sketching as a method of design ideation.

Brock is the primary technical contact for the project and assists with technical field work/workshops, development systems support, and website management.

George Magoulas


Research interests: learner and user modelling, personalised learning environments, personalisation technologies, AI in education.

George is leading the research on the intelligent components of the LDSE and the design and implementation of  the interactive environment.

Patricia Charlton

Research Fellow

Dionisis Dimakopoulos
Application development consultant

Kim Whittlestone

Research interests: social and collaborative learning, staff development, the student experience.

Kim is working with the project researchers to provide institutional test-bed support for developing the LDSE and the conceptual representations of learning design. He is also co-supervising the RVCs PhD student (Carrie Rodes) who is researching the "Hidden Curriculum" and its relationships to the main project.

(Oxford University Computing Services & Department for
  Continuing Education

Liz Masterman

Research interests: role of theories of learning in the design of environments for learning and teaching; fusion of cognitive and socio-cultural approaches in the design and evaluation of learning environments; pedagogic effectiveness of different forms of representation; integration of the learner experience into learning design; role of communities in the design, development and sustainability of learning design tools.

Liz is leading the pedagogical research and evaluation activities of the LDSE project.

Marion Manton

Research interests: pragmatic applications of learning design; supporting academics in interaction with technology and design; open education resources and reusability; models, tools and toolkits to support learning design. 

Joanna Wild
Research Officer

Role within the project: Joanna works on the summative evaluation of the LDSE tool and on the preparation of support and guidance materials for the LDSE users.

Research interests: supporting practitioners in designing for technology-enhanced learning (models and tools); use of personal learning environments in formal and informal learning; frameworks for the development of rich professional competences and learning literacies.

Tom Boyle

Research interests: Pedagogical principles for the design of multimedia learning environments; Reusable learning objects; theoretical basis of learning technology; methodologies for multimedia systems development; evaluation of innovative multimedia systems.

Tom is leading the development of GLO tool (Generative Learning Object) and also Design of hierarchies of learning events and their representation.


Roser Pujadas
PhD Student