Learning Designer 
To run the Learning Designer, you should have the latest version of the Java Runtime Engine (JRE) installed on your system. For Macs, this is part of your Operating System installation.



- Important Disclaimer -

The Learning Designer software is pre-release and is a prototype for demonstration purposes only. We can't warrant that it will work without defects and you should not use it for any work that you can't afford to lose. We are regularly releasing updates to the software which may not be backward-compatible, as the file format for import and export is still under review. Thus, any work you do in a given version may not be compatible with future versions. You may encounter bugs while you use the software or it may behave erratically, as it is a prototype.

We hope you will enjoy test-driving the software and thank you for your interest!

VERSION 3 - screenshots

Main Session Editing View Analysis of the Learning Experience

Editing a Session Timeline

VERSION 2 - screenshots of the previous release

 Main Session Editing View Feedback on Learning Experience
Editing a Session Timeline

Pedagogical Pattern Collector 
To setup the Pedagogical Pattern Collector for your institution, download the ZIP archive below and follow the instructions in 'Read Me PPC Setup Guide' PDF file inside the archive. The PPC can be used offline by double clicking on the ODC.html file in the archive. In the offline mode, when the PPC is not running on the server, the User Generated Patterns collections is not available for Browsing or Sharing into.

PPC Download  (2.7 Mb)
- Disclaimer -

The Pedagogical Pattern Collector software is a prototype, please backup your work with the tool as often as possible. 
We hope you will enjoy using the software and thank you for your interest!

- Try PPC -
To try PPC hosted on our server follow this link: - PPC User Guide 
For further information and help on the installation and use of the PPC please contact: Diana Laurillard  and Dejan Ljubojevic


Nov 20, 2011, 1:26 PM