The Learning Designer

Using digital technologies to support teachers
in designing effective technology-e
nhanced learning (TEL).

We are working with practising teachers to research, and co-construct, an interactive Learning Design Support Environment (the Learning Designer) to scaffold teachers’ decision-making from basic planning to creative TEL design. Through this iterative research-design process we hope to address the above issues and build the means by which the teaching community can collaborate further on how best to deploy TEL. We aim to lower the TEL threshold so that the majority of teachers can engage with it in a way that draws on good practice by others and is informed by the findings of pedagogical research, thereby optimising the benefits to their learners.

Our project goals are to:

  1. Research the optimal model for an effective learning design support environment (the Learning Designer)
  2. Achieve an impact of the LDSE on teachers' practice in designing TEL
  3. Identify the factors that are conducive to collaboration among teachers in designing TEL
  4. Embed knowledge of teaching and learning in the learning design software architecture
  5. Improve representations of the theory and practice of learning design with TEL.

Check out the Project Summary for further details.

Read the latest independent report on the potential of the Learning Designer and its contexts of use: 'Insight Report: Contexts of use of Learning Design' from the Association of Learning Technology.

Some of our our latest work involves exploring the use of pedagogical patterns as re-usable learning designs. Your feedback can directly assist us in exploring the use of learning patterns and building on the work of others.  Why not contribute to the project by trying out our online Pedagogical Patterns Collector tool? The User Guide will give you more detail of how each of the three screens works.
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