The London Knowledge Lab is pleased to be acting as the UK research partners in a new international project called Innovative Teaching and Learning Research (ITL). ITL Research is sponsored by Microsoft's Partners in Learning, and investigates and measures teachers' adoption of innovative classroom teaching practices and the degree to which those practices provide students with learning experiences that promote the skills they will need to live and work in the 21st Century.
The main belief underpinning the project is that innovation in teaching and learning can only be achieved through a fundamental transformation, which involves an ecosystem of elements ranging from national policies to local schools, down to the specific pedagogies used in classrooms.   
A Knowledge Lab team led by
Neil Selwyn, Carey Jewitt, John Potter and Carlo Perrotta will be working on the UK component of the project in conjunction with the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT). Comparative research is being conducted over a two year period by international partners in Mexico, Finland, Russia, Indonesia and Senegal. This project will provide policy insights based on an international analysis of educational change.
The ITL Research Project
ITL Research is a multiyear global research program sponsored by Microsoft's Partners in Learning. ITL investigates innovative teaching practices, the conditions that enable educators to teach in new ways, and the resulting connection with students' 21st century skills.
  • Primary Focus: To study innovative teaching practices and learning experiences.
  • It views ICT (technology) integration as an essential enabler to innovative teaching and learning.
  • The pilot study year (2009 – 2010) included Finland, Indonesia, Russia, and Senegal. The research is extending to the Australia, Mexico, the UK, and the USA.