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ISEE@EC-TEL'10 - Contributions

List of papers

  • Tsovaltzi, D., Weinberger, A. and McLaren, B. Computer-Enhanced Learning with Adaptive Argumentation Scripts and Domain Feedback
  • Mavrikis, M., McLaren, B., Harrer, A. and Kynigos, C. Supporting Students Learning to Learn Together in Constructionist Situations. The vision and technical approach in the Metafora project.
  • Nguyen-Thinh Le and Niels Pinkwart, A Weighted Constraint-based Model For Tutoring Systems in Logic Programming
  • Pearce-Lazard, D., Poulovassilis, A. and Geraniou, E. The Design of Teacher Assistance Tools in an Exploratory Learning Environment for Mathematics Generalisation 
  • Pérez –Sanagustín, M., Hernández-Leo, D. and Blat, J. Towards the Design of Computer Supported Collaborative Blended Learning Scripts