Next workshop: ISEOLE@AIED'15 in conjunction with AIED'15 (see previous workshops).

There is an increasing trend of research and development in exploratory learning environments (ELEs) also known as Open Learning Environments (OLEs).  By encouraging interaction, exploration and experimentation,  ELEs adhere to constructivist theories of learning that emphasise learners' control to construct their own understanding.

However, there are several factors that prevent effective learning within an exploratory learning. A crucial determinant of learning is thus the level of support of the learning process by teachers, peers, technologies and the structure of the activity sequences.  There has been a lot of work in the learning science literature about support for learning in exploratory environments, but developing the technology to support these learning processes faces several impressive challenges.

The 'Intelligent Support for Exploratory Environments' series of workshops attempt to
tackle the challenging problems posed by the application of intelligent support to ELEs. They provide a forum for discussion, dissemination of information and aim at developing a community around this field, and establishing international collaborations.