·       Ethics

o   What are the ethical issues involved in conducting design research in this field?
o   What can we draw from existing debates about ethics and partnership working in development to inform our practice?

·       Roles:
o   How do projects select partners to work with, and what are the difficulties?
o   How can individual projects work in partnership with local NGOs, educational and research organisations to develop capacity in interaction design, and what are the challenges?
o   How can roles be configured and negotiated to maximise both the chances of developing successful project outcomes and enhancing local capability?
o   What kinds of participation should be recommended? Is participatory design always the appropriate approach?
·       Relationships:
o   How do outside influences, such as the environment of funding, commercial interests, personal interests, and institutional objectives impact on our ability to make meaningful contributions?
o   What kinds of sustainable configuration of interests can be supported, and how?
o   What are the appropriate roles for individuals, research institutions, government, commercial companies and NGOs in this setting?
o   How can we ensure that interaction design with development aims is sustainable in local contexts?