"LR" Livin Real

"LR" Livin Real is a bilingual Latin American Artist of East Los Angeles, California.
LR is commercial on a national level and can relate to the general audience.Unique voice, unique style, skilled songwriter and vocal coach, professional approach and sound; this artist most definitely stands out.Target audience: 13 years of age - 46 years of age. “Commercial”,” Latin”, “Radio Ready”, “Catchy”, “Hip”, “Entrepreneur” and “Professional” Songwriter, producer and entertainer. This artist is the full package, don’t sleep on this kid!

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"The world of Latin rap is by far the quickest growing segment of the music industry today. With more and more radio stations offering air play and even market specific time slots and shows, it'll be just a matter of time before Latin rap plays a major role in the billion dollar music industry." - John Jarasa (Lowrider Magazine  
“The Next Best Thing” “A Force to be Reckoned With” and “Latin’s Finest” would be just a few phrases to describe LR also known as Livin Real. The young talented upcoming bilingual Latin - American artist; a native of East Los Angeles, California, LR has dedicated much time and effort perfecting his styles, writing techniques and unique voice as he continues to thrive in the main stream hustle. This artist consistently shows promise in each valid attempt showing up every day for work climbing his way to the top. Specializing in genres of Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and New School; the music is commercial radio-ready material.
    From his natural stage presence to his clever yet professional approach to the business, makes this artist shine on a level far beyond imagined; he is that artist whose unique style and swagger captures the audience’s attention from the get go. With his smooth delivery and profound individuality he captures the minds of his listeners and journeys them on a path that gives them a firsthand description of the day-to-day struggle, the lessons of love, and the realities of life mixed in with today’s hottest sounds and styles that they can relate to. His focus is the general audience and time and time again proves to be worthy of the challenge; Target crowd 13 years of age to 45 years of age, a range that cannot be matched by many other artists; songwriter, artist, producer and entertainer he can most definitely do it all.
Hosted by Ticket master and 92.3 The Beat, Sean Healy, LR has performed alongside artists such as Nipsey Hussle, Kirko Bangz, Kid Ink, Brenton Wood, MC Blvd, Howard Scott aka “The Cisco Kid” of the original classic group WAR (Low-rider Get-A-Little-Higher), MC Magic formerly of the NB Ridaz, Lighter Shade of Brown, Tierra, Ms. Krazie, Cypress Hill and many more known names. From the “Key Club” (HollywoodCA) to local gatherings such as the “Airliner” and “The Sharon” of the greater Los Angeles area, to out of state shows this artist continues to hit big and small venues with a force of excellent performances and long lasting impressions!
Setting out as an independent artist and producer, song-writing is also a key asset to this artist’s repertoire, his category of commercial music has quickly expanded among many artists in the industry working alongside Snoop Dogg’s original “Dogg Pound Gangstas” , Brown Boy, Rigo Luna, Nino Brown, Sly Boogy, Jah Free, Lil Cuete, David Wade, Baby J and many more. When it comes to choruses and melodies this artist has a profound technique that is genius and original having written many projects now for Rigo Luna formerly of “Nu Flavor (Heaven)” and many other vocalists this artist has built an amazing resume` of not only written material but commercial sounds that have blended throughout many of these artists projects including his own.

    Now with his valid attempts to be recognized for his lyrical abilities by radio stations and record labels across the world, LR has teamed up with some of the hottest upcoming producers from the streets and internet to present to you his debut mixtape/street album “Just Livin’” with original sounds, melodies, instrumentation, song wrtiting and some names that can be recognized among the industry. This project is just a glimpse of what this artist can do on an independent level! LR has definitely found his groove into becoming a more professional and classic artist. Everything this artist touches is a hit while he displays skills of that of a veteran. He is a ticking time bomb and can any minute now explode and pop off a long lasting solid career, don’t sleep on this kid, he is a go getter and will succeed anyway possible, just imagine the possibilities!