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Looking forward to speaking with you all!

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Sra. Sandoval
Room 313
It is best to reach me by email.    and
Twitter : Irma Sandoval@srasandoval

Teaching Schedule
A/C Days                                                                 B/D Days

Block 1: Spanish 3                                                Block 1: Spanish 5                          
Block 3: Spanish 5                                                Block 3: Spanish 3
Block 4: Planning                                                  Block 4: Spanish 3 
Block 5: Lunch                                                       Block 5: lunch 
Block 6:  Planning                                                  Block 6: Spanish 3 
Block 7: Dept Chair                                               Block 7: Planning

Supplies needed:
Blue/black pen
Flashcards, and a baggie to hold your cards

Parents---if you would like to donate to the classroom, we are always in need of TISSUES. :)

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Spa 3
Spa 5
Spa 5
Spa 3
Spa 3

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