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Welcome Message

Bienvenido a mi sitio web!

I would like to welcome all my students and their parents to my web site created to inspire and aid in the acquisition of the Spanish Language!

 It is my hope that this website will motivate my students to take some extra time and utilize some of these websites to practice speaking, listening, writing and reading activities.

Nos vemos en clase!

Why learn a foreign language?

"Global interdependence virtually demands an ability to communicate in a language other than English."
                                            William Sims
                                            Schooling for a Global Age

"...the second language study:

• fosters a sense of humanity and friendship.

• increases students' adaptability to different cultures and modes of acting and thinking.

• furnishes there key to thinking patterns, futures, and social institutions of other peoples.

• develops the skills and habits essential to the learning process, creative inquiries, and critical thinking.

• helps students to increase their sensitivity and understanding of the language, values, customs, and traditions of others.

• is an asset to many careers and professional advancements."

"Modern Language for Communication"

NYS Syllabus

Ms Pecoriello's Classes

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AC Days

Block 1: Planning (Room A406)
Block 2: Academic Advisement (Room A406)
Block 3: Spanish 2A (Room A406)
Block: 4/6 Study Hall
 (Room A406)