SUNY US History
US History and Government

The Regents Exam is June 13, 2017 @ 8:15am. Please bring two black pens!!

Thank you for visiting my website. Using the links on the left you can find information pertaining to the American History courses I teach at Liverpool High School. Please click the class you are enrolled in to find the supplies list for that course.

Students enrolled in a New York state high school are required to pass a one year course in American History and successfully score a 65 or higher on the NYS Regents Exam. This exam, offered in June, contains 50 multiple choice questions, a thematic essay and a document based essay question. 

The course covers the history of the United States from the colonial foundations through the modern era. Student's will be focused on reading, interpreting and analyzing primary and secondary sources pertaining to the nation's history. Often our course of study will require students to write.

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