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Basic Information

New learning standards being implemented statewide. These standards are designed to improve student achievement across all content areas.  Below you will find links for Common Core Learning Standards, Family and Consumer Science Learning Standards and course outlines. 

As always, if you need to reach me my email address is and my phone number at the school is 453-1500 ext 4345. I check my email all summer long so this is the best way to reach me before school starts.

Interesting Articles

Hmmm, are school lunches really healthier than a packed lunch from home? 
The New York Time has an opinion piece about this. What do you think?

Did you know 1 in 6 Americans does not know where there next meal is coming from?

I highly recommend you check out a new movie called "A Place at the Table." It's available for immediate rental download on Amazon and on ITunes. "A Place at the Table" is a fantastic documentary about food insecurity in the United States. This follows the lives of different families as they deal with this epidemic in different parts of the country. Be sure to check it out!

Fruits vs French Fries
Here is a great new article for you to read, "Fruit, Not Fries." This article is about school cafeterias and what can be done to help kids make better food choices while they are at school. It's a very short article with a lot of helpful advice.