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Important News (updated 12/9/17)

Half Day
There is a half day this Thursday, December 14th for parent-teacher conferences. Please check your child's mailbox on Monday to see if you have a conference scheduled this week. 

New Special Area Schedule
Last week, a new schedule was sent home for the second trimester. Click here if you need another copy. 

Report Cards
Your child's report card went home this past Friday, December 1st. You can also access an electronic copy, by using the SchoolTool Parent Portal. Click here for the link. 

My Math Student Center
Today, we introduced boys and girls to the My Math Student Center. This website will give your child direct access to eHelp, videos, games, and tools that will support them with the day's lesson and homework. Click here for the link. Your child's username and password is located on the inside over of their planner. 

At-Home Websites
Usernames and passwords for Raz-Kids and IXL can be found on the inside cover of your child's planner so they can access these websites at home. Raz-Kids can be used for 20 minutes of nightly reading. 

Co-Led Conferences
Boys and girls are excited to be able to participate in our parent teacher conferences! Our first conference is on October 31st. We will send home a reminder prior to your scheduled date/time in your child's take home folder. 

Skip Counting 
On the first day of each week, students will receive a skip counting homework sheet. This activity includes several ways that boys and girls can practice that week's skip counting. Please support your child by encouraging them to practice daily, and by filling out the chart. Lastly, please place your initials next to each day. Skip counting homework sheets should be returned to school on Fridays. If you would like another copy of this week's handout, click here. With your support, we can reach the goal of 100% participation. Ultimately, this skill will help your child to learn and understand the concept of multiplication. 

School is in full swing, and boys and girls are doing a wonderful job with their third grade responsibilities. We've slowly transitioned into homework. Your child should read nightly for 20 minutes, practice skip counting (look for a handout with fun ways to practice), and complete a few assigned math problems. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. 

"Welcome to Third Grade" Information Packet
If you would like another copy of our third grade info. packet, Click here

Take-Home Folders and Planners
Please take a few moments to look over the items in your child's take-home folder. It should be emptied daily. We ask that you also review your child's planner, and sign it at the bottom of each day after your child completes their assignments. You are an important part of your child's educational success and of our team!

Lunch Menus
Wondering what's for lunch this month...click here for the link to our district's menus. (Once you link, you will need to scroll down a bit to print the current month). 

 Math Game Websites (Click on each one for link)  
      Sheppard Software