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IMPORTANT:  Students can get extra credit by checking out the "Extra Credit Options" tab.  Follow the instructions there to receive one extra credit grade this marking period.  :)

     If you have lost a rubric or something else needed for a major assignment, look under the "Rubrics/Assignment Description" tab!  There will be a pdf of the assignment that you can download.  If you were absent or need to copy down notes from class, the power point for each class is available on the "Class PowerPoints" tab.  

     Both parents and students are welcome to contact me as needed.  I can be private messaged ONLY via remind.com, emailed @ jleclair@liverpool.k12.ny.us, or you can leave a phone message by calling the main office at 453-1275.  If you need immediate attention, please comment on one of the social media feeds that you need me to check my email.  (IMPORTANT:  please do not send private messages via FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram!  Private messages that come through social media will not be read and will not receive a response).  To keep up to date on homework assignments or other classroom announcements, you can click the icons below or follow our class on the following:


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