Welcome to the Visual Arts.....

Welcome!  This year you will be taking Visual Arts for 10 weeks and during that time we will explore a variety of materials and techniques, begin to apply specific Visual Arts vocabulary and problem solving strategies as well as investigate Art History and careers in the Arts.  Best of all, these items will culminate in beautiful works of Art!

Class Expectations:

Arrive to class on time

Actively engage in class

Be prepared with assignments and materials

Complete and turn in homework and projects on time

Make up any work and missed class time, following an absence

Demonstrate safe, respectful attitude towards yourself and others

Clean up after yourself


A folder with pockets:                 

Block 2- Red                      

Block 3 - Purple

Bock  4-Orange

Block 6-Green

Block 8-Blue

A #2 pencil (non mechanical)

A large (freezer size) ziplock bag

Grading Policy:

30% = Homework/Quizzes/Classwork: Homework assignments are due at the beginning of class on the due date. Late assignments will receive half credit. Incomplete and/or haphazard work will not be accepted.

70% = Projects: Projects will be graded based on preliminary work/research, rough and final pieces as well as a written evaluation.

Art Opportunities:

Art Club

Scholastic Art Competition

The Art Throwdown