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Course Information

Course: 8th Grade 15:1
Teacher: Mrs. Hadley
School: Chestnut Hill Middle School
Location: Room 9
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    •  jhadley@liverpool.k12.ny.us
    • (315) 453-0245

Course Objective:

My goal is to teach the skills and strategies necessary for academic success, based on the specific Individualized Education Plan goals and objectives noted in your child’s most current I.E.P., in addition to everyday basic life-long learning tools.  Implementation of this will be done through both formal and informal instruction. 

            For an eighth-grader, taking initiative and an interest in learning is critical.  It is important for students at this age to recognize and understand the importance of education and to become a proactive learner!  During Resource class this year, your child will work towards building a sound understanding of strategies and the ability to identify the appropriate time to apply each of them.  This knowledge can facilitate success in all academic areas and create an ease in learning the higher-level curriculum that will follow, requiring more independence.  I often refer to strategies as “life-long learning tools” because they can be useful to your child throughout their entire lives.      

            Your child should expect to spend some time each night studying newly presented concepts taught in classes.  Whether “home-work” is assigned for a class or not, your child will benefit from reviewing daily lessons at home.  It will help to talk with your child about this at the very beginning of the school year and communicate your expectations in order to establish “good habits”.  Students who clearly understand and exhibit daily study habits have  much greater likelihood  of achieving overall academic success.  

                 Important                    "Believe in yourself and you can do unbelievable things."  ~Unknown
Homework                                                       Students have the opportunity to record homework assignments for each class in one place.  I maintain an assignment board in my classroom, which is updated daily. Students are required to copy the assignments into their school planners every day, to refer to once they are home.
Materials for resource class will be provided by me.  Students do not need any additional materials for this class.  I will provide each students with a "Resource" folder, which will remain in the classroom and hold the current strategy-based lesson materials.