Welcome to English 9T and 10A!

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Course Schedule

English 9T Course Objective:

English 9T is an intensive study of varying texts and writing genres.  Students will study short stories, drama, epic poetry, mythology and the novel and will apply their understanding of these texts by completing both written and oral responses throughout the school year.

Course Topics:

- Memoir Unit                        - Short Story Unit

- The Odyssey                       - The Giver

- Romeo & Juliet                    - Final Exam Project

- Vocabulary Study                - Essay Writing

English 10A Course Focus:
How do the choices an author makes shape the meaning of a text?  How can we prove claims about an author's purpose using text-based evidence?

Required Course Topics:
- Night                                    - Macbeth

- Essay Writing

Possible Course Units

- A Separate Peace                 - A Streetcar Named Desire

- Animal Farm                           - Fahrenheit 451
- Speak                                      - The Color Purple

- Short Story Unit