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Welcome to Mr. McElroy's (Mr. Mac) Class. We are located in Room F461 at LHX. If you have any questions about your child's educational program, please telephone us here at school at 453-1275  ext 4780**.

My email address is:      tmcelroy@liverpool.k12.ny.us

**Email is the best way to reach me. If you need me to call you, email me and let me know the number and time to contact you.

Resource Teacher LHX 9th Grade

Available by appointment after school Mon., Tues., Thurs..

My Daily Schedule:

A/C Days

 1 Prep Block
 2 Acad. Advise.
 3 Resource
 4/5 Resource
 6 Lunch
 7 Resource

B/D Days

 1 Resource
 2 Acad. Advise.
 3 Math-Mrs. Wolf
 4/5 Resource
 6 Lunch
 7 Prep. Block

Our goal in the resource room is for each student to understand, communicate, and advocate for their individual needs. Resource services vary depending on the needs of the individual in a particular setting. Our goal is to provide support for students so that they can function in the regular education setting. The resource room teacher also assists the classroom teachers in developing, coordinating, and facilitating the student's IEP.

Please find at the bottom of the page a link that will take you to the letter that explains in more detail the rules and expectations in the Resource room.

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