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Course Info

Course Information

Health Education is a one semester non regents requirement for graduation taken between 10th and 12th grade.  Personal Safety is a one semester elective in Health Education providing an opportunity to earn certifications in AHA CPR/AED and First Aid.  

*The student may earn three (2) Cayuga Community College credits for the Personal Safety course (see syllabus for both courses in the respective tab).

Health & Personal Safety

Course Objective:

Objectives:  Students will gain a better awareness about their health including: personal, social, mental, and physical wellness.  Activities will be designed to assist the student to realize how each aspect of wellness interacts with the others and to develop skills that will allow the students to acquire positive lifelong healthful behaviors.  Students will also develop a better understanding about how health and wellness have an impact on them personally, as well as on the family and the community.  The goal of our program is to empower our young students to become happy, healthy and productive adults and members of the community.

Community Connections
ACR Health (www.acrhealth.org)
Epilepsy Foundation (www.epilepsyuny.org)
Vera House (www.verahouse.org)
Family Planning Services (ongov.net/health/familyPlanning.html)
Finger Lakes Organ Donor and Recovery (www.donorrecovery.org)
Prevention Network (http://www.preventionnetworkcny.org)

Personal Safety:
AMR/Rural Metro Medical Services (http://www.ruralmetroeast.com/locations/new-york/central-new-york-syracuse.html)
American Heart Association (www.heart.org)
NOVA (www.novaems.org)
Moyers Corners Fire Dept.
Cayuga Community College Advantage Program

Parent's Corner
"A child educated only in school is an uneducated child."  George Santayana

The information in this section is placed here as a resource to aid communication between the district and the parents.  All of the information can be accessed through the LCSD website:  (http://www.liverpool.k12.ny.us/) or at the URL provided.

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Schooltool Parent Portal (student attendance/grades)- http://www.liverpool.k12.ny.us/parents/school-tool-parent-portal/