This is my home page.  It is the first page that you will visit when visiting my website.  It will serve as the basic nexus for the entire website browsing experience.  I sincerely hope that through its use, you will become comfortable and familiar with the many subtle intricacies of navigating, not just my website, but websites in general; for they all are similarly designed, and proficiency with one homepage will translate to proficiency with most.  Websites are becoming more and more prevalent in our technological society, and in order to run a successful business or organization, a website is a must.  A flashy and new website, while retaining a user-friendly and welcoming approach, will help sell your product, whether it be merchandise, knowledge, or (in the case of a school website) higher education.  With the growing complexity and diversity of websites, the importance of a well-managed homepage becomes increasingly vital.  Without one, visitors to a particular website may find themselves wandering aimlessly about with no hope of returning to the initial page.  And returning to that initial page is of the upmost importance, as it is from there that you will not only gain access to the additional pages contained within the website, but will be afforded the chance for additional opportunities that will be only available to the most frequent of homepage patrons.  Of all the pages in a website, the homepage is by far the most important and most versatile.  Personally, if a website does not have a homepage, I feel that its progenitors have not even made the most basic of efforts to participate in our modern society.  I mean, like, why even bother?  What are these people thinking?  "Oh, I'll just throw up a website and not even bother with a homepage."  What would possess someone to do something like that?  I mean like seriously.  Dude!  I just don't get some people.  Is it really that hard?!  Does it really take that much out of your busy schedule to have the common decency to put up a homepage??  What is wrong with you?