LHS Symphonic Band and Music Theory

LHS Members of the 2017 Senior High All County Orchestra...CONGRATS!

We are preparing A Movement for Rosa composed by Mark Camphouse.   A tribute to Rosa Parks, the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement.   I asked the members of Symphonic Band to list some of their heroes and those they look up to.   They said:  parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, teachers, veterans, police, fire fighters and emt, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr. , Abe Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Muhammad Ali, JFK, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Andrew Jackson, Ronald Reagan, Thomas Jefferson, Jim Kelly, Arturo Sandoval, Military , Steve Jobs,  Ellen Degeneres, John Sheperd, Barack O'Bama, Joe Biden, Pele, John Williams, Walt Disney, Glen Power , Stewart Copeland and the list goes on!

Rosa Parks inspired the nation and the world with the Civil Rights Movement.  I asked the members of the LHS Symphonic Band what inspires them and here are their thoughts:

Alex Becerra- People who play music in the moment. Leaving immaturities and whatever current personal or world tragedies behind them.

Madison Folley- People attempting to  make the world a better place although they may lose their own lives or status in the world.

Robbie Markowsky- Drum Corps, Jazz and Trombone Shorty.

Madison Neuner- My band teachers, John Mackey, Sean O'Loughlin, Ernest Muzquiz and this guy who I did not know in the hallway who saw me limping and asked if I was ok.

Gabby Galanti- Music, friends and family.

Avery Buda- Loyalty, family and music.

Evan Maestri- I am inspired by knowing that I can achieve anything I put my mind to so long as I work my hardest.  People may be more talented than you , but  you have no excuse to let people work harder than you .

Natalie Barrus- Making people smile and laugh.

Ethan Cowburn- The knowledge  that there will always  be someone better doing  more than I am  which gives me the drive to make sure that one day there is not.

Spencer Ruediger- Athletes and Elders.

Evan Matson - Helping others around me to succeed.

Eric Matson - People who not only do everything they can to help their family and friends, but also for their country.

Cameron Burch- I would not necessarily say that I have heroes, but rather inspirational people instead.  The people who are passionate about what they do and have made some contributions. 

Elisa Makhlouf- When people put others before themselves in order to help in time and of need.

John Kenny- A life of excitement and adventure, worlds and societies, better than this one, and most of all being remembered  for and by actions not by name.

Trevor Norris- Hard working people.

Sarah Caporin- People who put one hundred percent effort into anything they do as well as open-mindedness and kindness to everyone.

Johnny Coggiola- People inspire me.

Jason Carter- People overcoming adversity to find success.

Vince Baker- Transformation inspires me. I like to see people work hard to achieve something amazing. It makes me want to get started on something big too. 

Jacob App- The desire  to be completely free.  To be able  to get up when I want, have my own home and work my dream job while being some what wealthy.

Brianna Palumbo- My heroes, music and art.

Jason Breezee- Courage and peace.  

Zach Coldren- Perfection.

Taylor Fennelly- People who are passionate and my music teachers.

Anna Napiorkowski- What inspires me is the date of graduation.   I will never give up the drive to succeed and the motivation  to do as best as possible and dance.

Julie Coggiola-  Watching other people succeed and I get motivated to do the same.   Music, friends and family inspire me.

Matthew Nardone- The thought of college and music. 

Salvatore Saunders- How people succeed, how they fight through tough times  they help me a lot and I am motivated to do the same.

Emily Hung-   My friends and family inspire me and music to constantly improve and get better.

James Bourgious- Band.

Jennifer Bachman- Music , hard work and watching other people succeed.

Jay Bortel - Creativity and imagination inspire me.

Holly Sleeth- My sister inspires me and Kyrie Irving as an NBA player.  

Brennan Mathews-  The goal of being successful.

Mark Canino- The way people do things that may not be the popular choice but in the end it is the right thing to do. I love how people do that because they are the ones who will be remembered well.  Stevie Ray Vaugan pursued his love of music even if it meant he was going to live in poverty for awhile.

Patrick Delgobbo- The way people  can go against society to make positive changes.

Jonathan Romano-  Music and people with passion.

Jakob Bradley- People that stand up for what they believe in and do not let anyone stop them.

Shannon Toomey -Highest  points  in music and moving with it and the human mind.

David Banack- Seeing people have success who grew  up with major struggles .

Anna Lynch- Social justice and seeing people do good .

Evelyn LaManche- People who stick up for others.

LHS Members of the 2017 Senior High All County Band...CONGRATS!

LHS Symphonic  Band Members 2016-2017!
LHS 2016-17 Symphonic Band!

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2017  Onondaga All County Junior High Band Members!

LHS All State Students
2016 All State Members and Alternates. CONGRATS!

Movement for Rosa by Mark Camphouse

Armed Forces Salute arr. by Bob Lowden

76 Trombones by Meredith Willson arr. by Naohiro Iwai

A Christmas Festival by Leroy Anderson

British Eighth March Zo Elliot

Perthshire Majesty Samuel Hazo

Undertow John Makey

LHS All County Orchestra

Student Thoughts !
Music has allowed me to be the best I can be.- Natalie 

It has taught me the importance of doing individual work to help the group, and being part of a group.   It has also given me a class that I actually enjoy in school .- Brianna 

Music has helped me through middle school and high school  to make friends.   Marching Band is extremely challenging and fun and Symphonic Band  gives me a challenge as a musician. - Emily

Music has made me a more balanced, thoughtful, and artful person.   I appreciate beautiful things because music has enabled me to recognize real beauty. - Ben

Playing music is a very relaxing and makes me smarter. - Jennifer

Music has been fun for me to express myself.- Niko

Music has provided me with an outlet of creativity. Music has helped me throughout my educational career  as well.  Without music I would not be as successful as I am today. -   Shannon

Music has taught me to work together  with others to achieve a great   goal.   Music  has also  allowed me to express myself.- Johnny

I have been loyal to music since fourth grade and everyday I work harder and harder.   - Salvatore

Music has given me the chance to experience , feel and challenge myself.  I have met great, down to earth people through  this who are as disciplined as I am.  - Matt

Music has taken me beyond the printed page and help me express emotion and other feelings  through music.- Eric

Music has taught  me to see things in a different way. - Holly

I have put in hours  practicing to be the best that I can be.-  Gabby

I try  to encourage  others to join various activities in the LHS Music Department .- Mia

Music has made me many friends and created amazing memories I will cherish for life.- Vince

Music has helped me to be more creative. It has also allowed me to be more expressive.  Music has also helped  me to make friendships  that will last longer than just  the years of high school.  -  Megan

Music means everything to me.  I have been surrounded by it  my whole life and it makes me incredibly happy.    I can express myself in ways words cannot. - Julie

I hope that I have done good things for music by always playing my best. - Taylor

I take time to learn my music and contribute to the band.  - Jason

Music  has made me a more well rounded person.  I am able to challenge myself in different ways and I have met so many great people that I can call good friends. - Anna

I play saxophone and put time and effort into it all the time.  - Ben

Music  has allowed me to express myself in different ways.  It has  also opened me up to different groups and people. - Elisa

Music  has allowed me to meet many  new friends and try lots  of new experiences as well as become more open to group work.  - Evan

Through my years on the euphonium, music  has not only  been a fun escape for  me but has taught me valuable lessons as well.  - Cameron

Music has allowed myself to grow  and I dedicate  time to practicing and rehearsals.  - James

Music has allowed  me to form a home  and a sanctuary  with the   people  and places around me.   I owe  these people and the existence of music my life.   I adore my flute section and my teachers. - Genna

Music has given me a home.  It provides  a sense of  discipline and is a place I  can lose myself.  The teachers have always  made me feel at home and given me the best advice.  The music department is home and it has grown  me as a person.- Madison

I have devoted myself to practicing and making myself better musically .- Sarah

It has made me  a better person and has allowed  me to express myself in ways I thought not possible before I had music in my life.  I have made friends  that will last a life time . I am  forever thankful  for music and I hope to never  stop playing.  - Ethan

I have  learned  so much and met amazing people and I can  genuinely say I am glad  that music is still part of my life. - Nicole

I have practiced  it so I sound good and make the composer proud.- Jay

Music has allowed me to make new friends and learn how to play cool music. - Jason

Music has been a place for me to go when I am having a rough day.  - John

Music has given me something to look forward to everyday. - Evelyn

Music has made me a more hardworking person  and has given me something to be passionate about. - Anna

I have given a lot of time to practice and play. - Trevor

I have practiced  tirelessly to become the best I can. - Avery

Music  has allowed me to expand my horizons. It is a relaxing practice that I find comfort and stress relief in what I am busy.  I often  turn to playing music as a dependable way to live in the moment and enjoy what I have in front of me. - Evan

LHS All County Junior High Chorus
LHS All County Junior High  Band Members

  • LHS Onondaga Senior High All County Orchestra Musicians
    LHS Onondaga Senior High All County  Band Musicians

    Syracuse University Honor Band 2015

    Syracuse Youth Orchestra 2015

    Prism at Syracuse University 2015

    Symphonic Band at Symphoria 2014

A painter paints pictures on canvas.  But musicians paint their pictures on silence.  ~Leopold Stokowski

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.  ~Victor Hugo

Music is what life sounds like.  ~Eric Olson

Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.  ~Alphonse de Lamartine

Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.  ~Confucius

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