Hello! Welcome to my Earth Science web page.

For the most part, your grade will reflect the effort you put into this course... teachers were told by their administrator that no student may be given a first or second quarter average less than 50 or a final course average of 63 or 64.

Since students and their parents have the ability to view their personal grades and average via the web, five and ten week reports have been rendered obsolete. I will upload future grades ASAP. I encourage everyone to check grades at least once a week.

NYS Regents Earth Science is a challenging course but one that hard working (and not so hard working, see paragraph 1) ninth grade students can and do pass. My many years of experience teaching earth science has taught me that more often than not,  "success is about effort, not ability".  That means being attentive in class/asking questions, doing homework, memorizing vocabulary, reviewing new and older material daily, using the review book and passing the labs. 


                   2017-18 Regents Earth Science with Mr. Dunn

Grading Policy: Quarters 1, 2, 3, 4
30% Tests
30% Labs
30% Quizzes, Homework, Participation

10% Literacy

The final exam (Regents) counts 20% of your final grade.
Daily Required Materials (You must bring these to every class) 
-3-ring binder (any size, but for science only)
-pens & pencils in a hole punched carry case
-simple calculator (especially if you cannot do math quickly without one)
-assignment due
-agenda book and review book
Lab Reports:
-Labs having a minimum grade of 65 before late points are subtracted
  will count toward the NYS lab policy.
-Early= +5 pts.
-Late= -10 pts before graded labs are handed back to the class and -20 pts after graded labs are handed back to the class

-Failed labs should be resubmitted within one week. If all corrections are
made and the lab is complete, the grade will be raised to 65. It will then
count toward the NYS lab policy.


Most homework involves answering questions from the review book, text book or a worksheet. 

Early (at least the day before the due date) =+5 pts.
Late homework is not accepted if it is graded in class on the due date or already handed back to any class.

It is necessary to study all material/content (including Ref. Tables) related to the quiz topic. Most quizzes have 10 questions.

Same study method as quizzes but most have between 35 and 45 questions. There will always be two parts; multiple choice and free response.

I expect all my students to be : -on time for class (late = 1 detention)
                                               -prepared (see Daily Required Materials above)
                                               -alert (sleeping is not an option)
                                               -polite (to everyone)...and don't forget the dress code.


-Cell phones, ipods, etc. must not be used in the classroom. This is a school rule too!

I also expect my students and our custodians to recycle. We have an OCRRA Blue Bin in the classroom adjacent to the garbage pail. Please choose wisely.

Course Outline

Unit 1- Intro. (Size, Shape and Composition of Earth): Ch. 1 & Ref.   

            Tables, p1, 10, 14, 15

Image result for earth

Unit 2(combined with Unit 1)- Mapping: Ch. 2 & RT 1, 3

Image result for colorful contour map

Unit 3- Rocks and Minerals: Ch. 11 & RT 1, 6, 7, 16

Image result for amethyst geode

Unit 4- Weathering/Erosion/Landscapes: Ch.9, 14 & RT 2, 6

Unit 5- Plate Tectonics: Ch. 12 & RT 5, 10, 11

Unit 6- Earth History: Ch. 13 & RT 1, 3, 8, 9

Image result for geologic timeline

Unit 7- Meteorology: Ch. 5, 7 & RT 1, 12, 13, 14

Unit 8- Hydrology/Climate: Ch. 8 & RT 1, 4, 14

Related image

Unit 9- Astronomy: Ch. 3, 4 & RT 1, 15

Regents Review & Lab Practical 

Regents Exam*- June **, 2018 at **:15 (arrive at **: with pencils, black pens, standard calculator). Cell phones are prohibited in the testing room(TBA).

*You must be eligible to take the lab practical and the Regents exam; 

1200 minutes of lab time with satisfactory lab reports is the NYS requirement.

 I am presently available for extra help during Academic Advisement and after school M, Tu and Th.

Mr. Dunn

LHSA Earth Science