Mr. Lawrence, the Executive Principal, has decided that students should become used to turning in their electronic devices, so with that there is a change in the cellphone policy for all exams.  During each and every exam all students need to turn in their cellphone, I-watch, fitbit or any other electronic device they have.  No exceptions. This will need to be done for ALL exams.

Attention Students:   please inform your parents, when picking you up from school during final exams, please do not park in front of the Annex.  Please use the designated drop off / pick up zone in front of Morgan Road Elementary.  This will ensure that you are not blocked in by buses.

Locker clean-out will take place next Wednesday the Thursday, June 7th and 8th.  Pods A, C and center area will be on Wednesday - and Pods B, D and E will be on Thursday.   
Do not leave anything in the lockers after Friday June 9th. 

Attention all Field and Track athletes..  Please turn in your uniforms no later than Thursday June 8th.  Uniforms can be turned in to Coach Abbott in the orchestra LHS room 926.  You will be billed the cost of the uniform if you do not return it.

Sports physicals will be conducted by the district physician, Dr. Christiano in early June.  June 13th the girls physicals will begin at 4:30pm with the boys following immediately after.   Any student interested in a school sports physical, must first sign up in the Annex Health Office.  You must sign up for this no later than June 7th !!

Students:  Please refrain from spraying any type of perfume or deodorant (or anything else) in the classrooms.   The strong odors are harmful to those with allergies and asthma.

Students:   If you are dropped off in the mornings or if you miss your bus; please have your  family drop you off in the designated drop off zone that is located in front of the Morgan Road Elementary building.  You cannot be dropped of in front of the Annex or in our parking lot. 

Make sure to visit our school web page to get your list of needed school supplies for the year!   You can go to:

You can find us on Twitter to !!   #LiverpoolAnnex1