My website is designed to provide some basic information about my program and information and resources that may be helpful for my students and their families.

Role of Resource 

The resource program provides individually designed instruction for students with disabilities who participate in regular or special classes but require supplementary reinforcement to benefit from those classes.  Supplemental instruction may be provided in the resource room for three or more hours of the school week.  The resource room teacher, in cooperation with classroom teachers, provides individually designed instruction to maintain or improve academic performance. 

In addition, some resource teachers also serve as consultant teachers to students and their teachers.  Supportive services in the form of suggestions on teaching techniques, materials, and programs are provided to content teachers.  Supportive services are also provided directly to students.  We work cooperatively on a peer basis with school psychologists, reading teachers, speech/language therapists, physical education teachers, and others. 

My Goal

An essential goal for students receiving special services is for them to understand, communicate, and advocate for their individual needs in order to be a success in school and life. 

Program Description

 Resource is a form of special education service for students identified as having language, learning, health, physical, or emotional disabilities.  Resource services vary depending on the needs of the individual in a particular setting.  Our goal is to provide support for students so that they can succeed in the regular education setting.

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