Wecome to the Annex!

My name is Cherie Johnson and I am your child’s Special Education program manager at the Annex. My job this year is to help your child become an independent, responsible, successful high school student. The transition from middle school to high school can be tough. Historically, I have spent a lot of time explaining to the students that you need to pass each class individually to get the credit or you need to take the class over. There are certain requirements and tests, mandated by New York State, which must be achieved in order to get that high school diploma. Many students feel that they will be sent along no matter what grade they get. So it is important for us to work together to help your child have a successful 9th grade year.


I am available for extra help after school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are late buses on those days. I can also stay on Wednesdays if I do not have a meeting and transportation can be provided for your child. Arrangements need to be made ahead of time in case I have a meeting or an appointment. I am also available during Academic Advisement (everyday block 2). If your child is having difficulty in any area, please encourage him/her to go to their general education teacher as well as myself. Please remember to use Schooltool to keep up with your child’s progress. This is a great way to see if your child is keeping up on homework, how he/she is doing on exams, etc. The general education staff is wonderful here and is also available after school or during academic advisement. Should you have any questions regarding your child's individual classes, you need to contact either the classroom teacher or your child's guidance counselor. They can best answer your questions.


         Homework is an important factor in passing 9th grade. The agenda book is an excellent tool to use to keep track of assignments. I encourage my students to use their agenda books and will check them periodically. Please take a moment each night to check your child’s agenda book and homework. Another thing I stress with the students is to complete the homework given the same day the class was. This way the information is still “fresh” in their heads and they won’t forget to do it. I really emphasize that all books, homework, projects, etc. be brought to school daily so that the materials are here if I need to help your child with their work.


If your child gets a block of resource, that time is used to work on any class work, homework & projects or to finish a test that they needed extra time on. If a student comes to resource without work, I have them study, make flashcards, do practice math problems, read, etc. We start the block off with 20 minutes of reading anything that they choose. I am hoping to instill a love of reading in my students this year (not to mention that the more they read ~ the better students they become). Snacks are allowed in my resource class as long as the student is working. I have found some students work better when their stomach is full. I am willing to try anything to make your child successful!


If your child is on our Annex TEAM, I am in his/her science class working with Mr. Grosso. Mrs. Fodaro, our teaching assistant, is with the students in Global, English and Math. She is an excellent source of help & is very dedicated to the kids and our program. We are both available to work with your child during  academic advisement. Whenever we feel it is necessary, we will sign your child up to see one of us during this time. Please encourage your child to seek our help or any TEAM teachers’ help whenever they need it.


    If your child gets consult services, more than likely he/she is in Mr. Calderwood’s science class that I push into. I meet with all my consult students the first full week of school to let them know where I am located and that I am available to help them during academic advisement (as well as after school). I am happy to say that many of the consult students I have had in the past have taken advantage of that support. I start the year off by  letting them make the decision of whether to come see me or not but if a problem occurs (like work not getting done) I will require them to come and see me during those times on a regular basis.

    I look forward to working with you and your child. Ninth grade is the beginning of your child's high school career & there are a lot of expectations and responsibilities that go along with it. It is very important to me to make sure that I do whatever I can to help my students find success academically as well as making sure that they are happy and enjoying high school at the same time. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. The best way to reach me is by e-mail.

Cherie Johnson 

LHX Resource