This year I will be using Google Classroom. With Google Classroom I will be posting all assignments, handouts, video clips, power points, etc.. and listing all homework. You will have access to this information on a daily basis so if you are absent or lose a handout you can use this resource outside of school. I will also be using Google Classroom for submission of all major writing assignments. 

Course Taught

English 11A: This course will focus on building skills including analysis and synthesis. The culminating assessment will be the ELA Common Core Regents which all 11th grade students take in June.

Writing Workshop: (Level 2 and 3) This senior level course helps students become better writers by focusing on the craft of writing, analysis, and research. Students will be asked to write in a variety of discourses. Writing Workshop is a half year course and a graduation requirement. 

Mystery and Suspense: This course is a half year elective for all grade levels. Students will be exposed to the history of the mystery by exploring short stories, novels, movies, television shows, and creative writing. 

About Me

I am graduate of Central Michigan University and Syracuse University. I have a degree in English education and a masters in special education. I teach a variety of courses at Liverpool High School including, English 11A, Writing Workshop 2, Writing Workshop 3, and Mystery and Suspense. I enjoy reading, playing with my children, and going on vacations with my family. 

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I am always available for my students and parents.

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