Mrs. Eicholzer
Family and Consumer Science
Photography Club

Welcome to Mrs. Ike's Family Consumer Science website!  This is not the course that your parents took...girls and sewing!  

All LMS students will be taking FACS for 20-weeks in 7th grade, and another 20-weeks in 8th grade, which is great news, since we have a lot to cover!

Our curriculum includes:

~Decision Making and Problem Solving



~Foods and Nutrition

~Self and Others

~Money Management

~World of Work

~Career Development

~Family and Childcare   

Course Requirements and Expectations

Students and Parents...Good News!

Mrs. Ike does not assign homework for Family and Consumer Science, with a few exceptions:

~Absent Students (to include absence due to illness, early/extended vacations, and music lessons).  If you miss class for any reason, expect to make up the work you missed on your own time or during the school day in Academic Support.  This will include any of the following: Keynotes, Book work, Research, Activities.

~ Students who are unable to complete their work in a given classroom time frame that the majority of students are able to complete.

~Preparation for Quizzes and Tests.  Advance notice for quizzes and tests is always provided.  We will have several reviews leading up to Unit Tests, but this should not be the only preparation students have!  You will need to study on your own, specifically class notes of terms, definitions, and concepts for that unit.

7th Graders: During the semester you will be asked to bring in a stamp and envelope for the business letter you write.  You will also be asked to pay for your sewing project, which you will keep when it is completed.  The cost is around $5.

Classroom Supplies:

For my class, you will need a GREEN 2-pocket/3-prong folder with loose leaf paper.  Pen or pencil also needed.