Welcome to Our Class!
Mrs. Hong
Resource Teacher, 7th Grade
Orange Team/Blue Team

Learning is a treasure that will find its owner everywhere. ~ Chinese Proverb

Welcome to Chestnut Hill Middle School!  Thank you so much for visiting our classroom page.  Here I will be posing updates as to important upcoming events, as well as study links that will be helpful for our 7th graders.  You will also find links to the course outline and expectations for Resource.

Important Dates
September 6th, 3-4pm - Camp CHM 2 - get your schedule, find and practice opening your locker!
(3-4pm is for our 7th graders and 4-5pm will be for our 8th graders)
September 8th - 1st Day of School!  :D :D 
September 14 - School Picture Day!
September 21st - Back to School Night for parents, 6:30pm
October 19th - Parent Teacher Conferences.  It's a little different in middle school than elementary school - please call the guidance office or contact me if you'd like to set up a conference for that day!

Important Reminders
Do your summer reading assignment!!!!   I'm really not kidding.  Very serious here.  It counts for a major part of your grade!  Get that book and READ it!  If you haven't by the first day of school, let me know that day and I'll help you with Emergency Plan B!

Study Links
Stay tuned!