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¡Saludos a todos! 
Soy Sra. Pento.

Soy la profe de Español 3 Honores y Español 5 Honores/SUNY 202. 

¡No veo la hora en conocerlos!


School supply list for 2015-2016 
(All Classes)
                Hopefully, you won't have to buy anything at all. 
                  I bet you already have these things.

1. Something on which to write (any kind/size of notebook or just some loose leaf)
2. Something with which to write (any kind of pencil or a blue or black pen)
3. Something that holds papers (any kind/size of binder or folder)
4. Index cards (the cheapest you can find, not spiral bound - you can always cut up paper if you prefer)
5. A highlighter is nice to have but not required
6. Something in which to store your index cards is nice to have but not required (a carrying case, a pencil pouch or a good old sandwich bag all work)

Mrs. Amy W. Pento
Phone: 453-1500, ext. 4211 Best time to call: 2:25-3:25 p.m, except on Wednesdays.
Email: apento@liverpool.k12.ny.us
Twitters (or is it "Twitti"?): @srapento, @amypento

Courses Taught '15-'16
Spanish 3 Honors
Spanish 5 Honors / SUNY 202

Teaching Schedule
A/C Days                                                               B/D Days

Block 1: Planning                                                  Block 1: Spanish 3 Honors
Block 2: Academic Advisement                          Block 2: Academic Advisement
Block 3: Spanish 3 Honors                                  Block 3: Study Hall
Block 4: Spanish 3 Honors                                  Block 4: Spanish 5H/SUNY 202
Block 5: Spanish 3 Honors                                  Block 5: Lunch 
Block 6: Lunch                                                       Block 6: Spanish 5H/SUNY 202
Block 7: Spanish 3 Honors                                  Block 7: Planning

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