¡Saludos a todos! Soy Sra. Pento.

Soy la profe de Español 3 Honores, AP Español, y Español 5 Honores/SUNY 202.

¡No veo la hora en conocerlos!

School supply list for 2018-2019 (All Classes)

Hopefully, you won't have to buy anything at all. I bet you already have many of these.

The essentials...

1. A notebook or journal - Any kind - spiral, composition, or journal ; thick or thin, big or small, cheap or fancy, lined, dotted, graph, or unlined. Pick something you really like because this notebook will be the heart of the course so select something you really like.

2. Something to write with (a pencil or a blue or black pen)

3. Something to hold papers (any kind/size of binder or folder)

4. Index cards (the cheapest you can find, not spiral bound or just cut up paper if you prefer)

5. White board marker(s) for use with individual white boards

Nice to have...

5. A highlighter

6. Something to store your index cards (a carrying case, a pencil pouch or a good old sandwich bag all work)

7. Post-its

Wish to donate to the classroom?

7. Some white board markers

8. Tissues

Mrs. Amy W. Pento

Phone: 453-1500, ext. 4211 Best time to call: 2:25-3:25 p.m, except on Wednesdays.

Email: apento@liverpool.k12.ny.us

Courses '18-'19

Spanish 3 Honors

Spanish 5 Honors / SUNY 202

Teaching Schedule

A/C Days B/D Days

Block 1: Planning/Duty Block 1: Spanish 3 Honors

Block 2: Academic Advisement Block 2: Academic Advisement

Block 3: AP Spanish Block 3: Planning/Duty

Block 4: Spanish 5H/SUNY 202 Block 4: Planning/Duty

Block 5: Lunch Block 5: Lunch

Block 6: Spanish 5H/SUNY 202 Block 6: Planning/Duty

Block 7: Spanish 3 Honors Block 7: Spanish 5H/SUNY 202

3H BD1 18-19.AVI
AP AC3 18-19.AVI