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  School of Engineering
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  Lebanese International University
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  Beirut, Lebanon

Dr. Mohammad Abboud is the Chair of the  Surveying Engineering Departement at the Lebanese International University and he slso an Assistant Professeur At this Departement.

Dr. Mohammad Abboud received his M.S. degree in Surveying Engineering in 1999 from the Saint Petersburg State Mining University, Saint Petersburg ,Russian Federation, and his Ph.D. in Surveying  Engineering (Different Coordinates Transformation In GPS) in 2003 from Saint Petersburg State Mining University, Saint Petersburg ,Russian Federation. Dr. Mohammad Abboud worked in many related Surveying engineering fields in both Lebanese and international corporations. He has a large  knoweldge in Geodesy,GPS, GIS, and in  Surveying Engineering
Research Interests:
  • GPS
  • Cordinates Tranformation
  • GIS
  • Image Processing