Office: Block G, 1st Floor
Office Hours: MWF
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  School of Engineering
  Block G, 1st Floor
  Lebanese International University
  P.O. Box: 146404
  Beirut, Lebanon

Dr. Mehdi CHOUMAN is lecturer in Mechanical engineering in the School of Engineering at the Lebanese International University.

Dr. Mehdi Chouman received his B.E. degree in Mehcanical Engineering in 2005 from the Lebanese University - Faculty of Engineering, Beirut, Lebanon, his M.S. degree in Advanced Mechanics and Applications from the Université de Technologie de Compiegne - France (2006), and his Ph.D. in Mechanics of Materials from the Université Paris 13 and the French Petroleum Institute, France (2010). Dr. Chouman followed a Post-doctoral work at the French Aerospace Lab (ONERA), France.

Research Interests:
  • Mechanical behavior of Materials, Cyclic plasticity
  • Fatigue of material