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  School of Engineering
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  Lebanese International University
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  Beirut, Lebanon

Dr. Farouk Hachem is the Associate Dean for Co-operative Education and Career Services of the School of Engineering , an Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of Mechanical at the Lebanese International University.

Dr. Hachem received his M.Eng. degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1986 in Power Plants and Energy Related Studies from Liverpool University, United Kingdom, and his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 1990 from Liverpool University, United Kingdom. Dr. Hachem has Worked in the area of aerodynamics in collaboration with Rolls Royce company in the development of Gas Turbines.

Research Interests:


Ø Aerodynamics of the flow on a gas turbine blade which is necessary to improve engine efficiency and performance.

Ø  Study of the effects of rotation on boundary layer transition on compressors   blades.

Ø  Boundary layer transition measurements and correlation for concave surfaces.  

Ø  The generation and development of Gortler vortices.