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Dr. Ali Chamas Al Ghouwayel is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer and Communications at the Lebanese International University.

He received his B.E. degree in Physics-Electronics in 2002 from the Lebanese University, Beirut, his B.E. degree in Electronics Engineering and his M.S. Degree in Telecommunications in 2004 from the National School of Engineering of Brest (ENIB), Brest, France, and his PhD in Signal Processing and Telecommunications in 2008 from the High School of Electricity (Supélec) and University of Rennes 1, Rennes, France. His research activities concerned Parametrization Sutdy for Software Radio Systems. In 2008, He joined the Lab-STICC laboratory in Lorient, France and worked as a Post-Doctoral researcher on the European Project DAVINCI. In 2010, He joined the Lebanese International University, in Beirut, Lebanon, as Assistant Professor in the Computer and Communication Engineering Department. His current research interests include Study, Optimization, and Adequation Algorithm-Architecture for Hardware Implementation of Non-Binary LDPC decoders. 
Dr. Ali Chamas Al Ghouwayel has a number of refereed journal and conference papers. He also served as a reviewer for:
  • IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems
  • IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
  • Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing Journal (CSSP)
  • Emerging Networks Computers and Electrical Journal
  • ICC
  • ReConfig, DASIP, ...
Research Interests:
  • LDPC codes
  • Software Radio Systems
  • FPGA Design
  • Digital Communications