2016-2017 PTA Calendar of Events

August 4: First General PTA Meeting @ 8pm

August 10:  Back to School Open house @ 5-6pm

September 1:  PTA General Meeting @ 8pm

September 21: Vision Screening

October 1: Student Awards begin and happen monthly

October 1-12: Box Tops Due

October 6: PTA General Meeting @ 8pm

October 10Maturation Clinic

October 12Reflections Competition

October 17-21: LVE Fundraiser Week

October 24-28: Spirit/Safety Week

November 3: PTA General Meeting @ 8pm

November 14-16:  Book Fair

November 16: Dads and Donuts @ 8-8:45am

December 1-12: Humanitarian Drive

January 5:  PTA General Meeting @ 8pm

February 2:  PTA General Meeting @ 8pm

February 13-16: Book Fair

February 15: Moms and Muffins 8-8:45am

March 2: PTA General Meeting @ 8pm

April 6: PTA General Meeting @ 8pm

April 10-14: Teacher Appreciation Week

Why Join the PTA?
PTA is the largest volunteer voice for child advocacy in the State of Utah and America.  
PTA members provide and receive leadership training, are advocates for children,
provide programs and events, and award both the teachers and students here at Little Valley Elementary. 

Joining the PTA is a financial contribution to your school! 
It does not require you to volunteer your time. 
It simply provides the means for us to continue doing the list of programs found below. Thank you for choosing to join our PTA!  

Student Awards/ Recognition to LVE Students
Book Fair
Health, Eye Screening and Maturation Clinic
Music Program (4th and 5th grade Choir)
Red Ribbon Week (Spirit and Safety)
Teacher Appreciation Week